Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fuschia Lip Tutorial

I've posted a new makeup tutorial on YouTube! It's a trend I saw on a lot of the stars at ComicCon  this year.  

I hope you enjoy this look!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hair Rescue: No Heat Necessary

Needing some inspiration for your summer look?  Check out a hairstyle that is perfect for beating the heat.

 No Heat Necessary Hair Style

This look is incredibly simple to achieve and lasts for days without needing to damage your hair with heat. 

The benefits of this look come from the fact that you aren't damaging your hair by using tons of heat products and it gives your hair natural body and texture with very little effort!  Also, unlike styling with heat products, this look will last longer because your hair has naturally taken hold of the style. 

Step 1: Apply a homemade sea-salt spray or your favorite curl enhancing product to wet hair. 
Step 2: Start at the front of your hair (I usually start with a section close to one inch wide) and begin braiding away from the face. Tip: If you want tight waves then braid small, tight sections.  If you want  loose waves braid thicker, loose sections. 
Step 3: Tie off braid with a small hairband.
Step 4: Continue braiding sections of your hair, some starting below eye-level and some from the crown of your head to add volume. 
You will probably look absolutely ridiculous at this point with braids all over your head but trust me it pays off!
Step 5: Once you've braided all of your hair into sections and tied them off, allow your hair to dry overnight as you sleep. 

Finish the look:

Once your hair has dried, remove the bands and gently pull apart the braids.  Once the braids have been undone, spray your hair with a light-weight hairspray.  To add volume spray your hair with your head turned upside down.  Use your fingers to gently comb through the hair and apply a smoothing serum if your hair is prone to frizz. 

I have been wearing my hair like this for days and I absolutely love it! I hope you enjoy it.