Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Makeup Starter Kit: MAC Eyeshadows

My goal for the new year is to keep this blog up and running.  I've really missed sharing my new beauty finds and makeup tips with you and I've realized I miss being a part of this awesome community.  So without further ado here's a new blog post!

Makeup Starter Kits: MAC Eyeshadow

MAC eyeshadows are some of the best on the market and it can be overwhelming choosing shades to try since they seem to have a million!  Starting out with a quad can be the perfect solution.  With four eyeshadows you can create several different looks both for daytime and night!

MAC Quad $57.00

1. Charcoal Brown (Top Left): This matte medium brown is perfect for filling in eyebrows and a crease color.  The matte color makes it perfect for daytime use and a good color to add in to a brown smokey-eye.

2. Omega (Top Right):  If you have lighter eyebrows then you could mix this light brown shade with charcoal brown for the perfect look. This is a great all-over color and a great shade to have if you're in a hurry and want light definition around your eyes. Just these two (Charcoal and Omega)  matte browns alone could create a basic daytime look. 

3. Petina (Bottom Right):  This shimmery golden brown is perfect for an allover lid color but even better when paired with Omega and Charcoal Brown for definition.  This color is perfect for the palette because it can jazz up the matte colors already in the palette but also work fine on it's own. 

4. Naked Lunch (Bottom Left) :  This is a pale pink shadow with gold shimmers in it. This shade is perfect to sweep across the lid if you're wanting a naturally bright look.