Monday, June 18, 2012

Make Peace Monday: New Series!

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and a happy Father's Day.  During the past week, I've thought a lot about what this post should be about and I've decided to talk about the importance of becoming your best self. As I mentioned last week, accepting your body and who you are is the first step but there is nothing wrong with believing in self-improvement as long as it is coming from a healthy place. For me, I know I don't live the healthiest lifestyle. My diet isn't balanced, I jump on and off the exercise wagon, and I rarely get the sleep my body needs. By living this way, I know I'm not doing my body, health, or confidence any favors.  With that said, I've decided on my top six tricks and lifestyle changes that I am going to try to implement over the next six weeks.  I'd love it if you guys joined in with me if you feel like these might benefit you.  Here's a video introducing the next six weeks of MakePeaceMonday. 


See you next Monday!

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